About the Students

Here is a photo of our 2013 scholarship students (all but two).



Some photos of additional students we are sponsoring for the 2012 school year.



Classes started in Kenya in mid January for second year students and on February 7 for first year students. For the 2011 year we are supporting seven students.

Cynthia – her two siblings and her mother are deceased, and her alcoholic father is unable to care for her. She began high school this year and, after only one term, she has already improved her class standing.

Molvine – her parents are both deceased. She is in the same school as Cynthia, who was also in the same orphans’ home with her and who is her best friend. Molvine sent us the message that being in school has made her “happier than a king in his palace.”

Jecinta – she has no father and is from a large family of girls who were not able to go to high school.

Victorine – she has parents but her father is very old and her mother is visually impaired. She is also from a large family of girls who were not able to go to high school.

Esther – her brother disappeared a few years ago and her parents are both seriously ill. She is in her second year of high school but is having trouble.

All of these girls are in boarding schools.

Joshua – the only boy and the only student who is not in a boarding school. He is in his last year of high school, in a day school. He has no income and both his parents are deceased. With no money for school fees he would almost certainly have had to stop one year short of graduation. He is responsible for his younger brother and his disabled sister. He hopes to go to university and to one day be able to help his family.


Mary – she is Joshua’s disabled sister. She is deaf and mute and has just entered a school where they will attempt to teach her sign language and to sew. Her brother tells us she is delighted to be inside a classroom for the first time in her life.