African Dinner

KFACE would like to thank everyone who attended our fundraiser on Thursday June 1.  The African Dinner was a great success and we raised over $2,700!!

A big thank you to Nash and all his staff at Jambo Grill for the delicious food!!  Thanks to Landsea Tours & Adventures, Ken Bailey at the Sea to Sky Gondola, the Vancouver Art Gallery, Samantha Hembroff, Margherita Repetto, and the Jewish Community Centre for donating prizes for our raffle.

 Thank you to Peter Kostaps for designing a beautiful poster for the event, and special thanks to our MC Paul Chiarenza who always has everyone laughing, and also organizes basketball tournaments to benefit KFACE with his students at Southridge Secondary School!

2017 African Feast

KFACE is hosting our African Dinner on Thursday June 1, 2017 at 6:00pm.  We hope to see everyone there again this year for another fun night and delicious food at Jambo Grill!

2017 KFACE Annual General Meeting

The Kenya Foundation to Aid Children through Education will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday April 18, 2017.

Our First Post-Secondary Graduation!

KFACE is excited to announce that Rahema is our first post-secondary graduate student!!  She recently graduated from Asumbi Teachers’ College and we are very proud of her!

Well done Rahema!


On the weekend of January 27 28, the Southridge Senior Girls Basketball Team, the Storm, hosted for the third time the KFACE KLASSIC, an exciting basketball tournament for the best teams across the province.  As the name of the tournament illustrates, the players, their coach Paul, the parents and other volunteers work tirelessly to organize the tournament as a benefit for KFACE.

We are so grateful to them all for their generosity and hard work.  We are also deeply impressed with the example the school provides and the opportunity it gives its students to be involved in such a meaningful way with their peers in far away Africa.

The Southridge players distinguished themselves with an impressive second place finish, losing only to Langley Christian.  Congratulations to the winners and all the players and wonderful people who participated in this generous event.

New Sponsors

We started working six years ago with high school students, 16 of whom were accepted last year at university.  Thanks to our generous sponsors, they are now able to take advantage of this opportunity to attend University and pursue a career.

However, this year, because of a recent change in requirements, we have seven more candidates than we have sponsors.  That so many qualified is wonderful news, but we urgently need new sponsors.

It takes $700 a year to sponsor a girl in university.  Additionally, we try to provide a few items she will need when she leaves, as well as a short course in computer training.  We are looking for sponsors ($700 a year for four years), or co-sponsors ($350 a year), or contributions for computer training ($100) or initial shopping expenses ($100).

Any donations are greatly appreciated!!

2016 Annual Bridge Tournament

On November 19 KFACE hosted our Annual Bridge Tournament at the Vancouver Bridge Club.  It was another successful event for us and we raised $2,000.00 for our foundation!

A huge thank you to Ken Lochang, Mike and Vicki Moffat, Julie Smith, Rhoda Taffler, and Susan Peters for their help with this year’s tournament!!

Looking forward to next year’s tournament!!

University Students

The Kenya Foundation to Aid Children through Education is proud to announce that 10 of our students who completed high school have been accepted to university!  We have other graduates in college programs as well and we are extremely proud of all the students on their accomplishments!

Below are a few photos of the students at their universities.

Vivian is attending The Technical University of Kenya


Mourine is attending Maseno University



Sharon is attending Egerton University


Roney and Cecilia are attending Kenyatta University


Javela is attending Laikipia University



Valery is attending Zetech University


2016 President’s Report

Since we were not taking new students this year, for the first time, I did not go to Kenya to supervise the activities around the opening of the school year.  George was there, of course, and he kept us informed and stayed on top of everything very well.  He also arranged for computer training for our graduating students.

Our job at this point is to get as many as possible of our graduates into post secondary programs and to encourage those still in high school to work harder for good exam results.  This is new to us in many ways and certainly challenging.

The simplest, and first priority, are those who have a B average or better, for they qualify for university with some government support.  Our plan for these students is to provide them with a bursary to supplement the government support.  The amount we have decided is 50,000 shillings a year, which is a little more than $700 at the moment.  Where a sponsor wishes to continue, the bursary will be covered by their contribution.  If there is no sponsor, we will use donations to cover it, or encourage new post secondary sponsors.

Those who do not make the B average but obtain a C+ or better will qualify for good programs like nursing or teacher’s college.  We will try to place as many as possible in those programs, depending on our funds and the cost.  Some of them will have sponsors that wish to continue their support.  We are gathering as much information about the costs as possible.  How to fund these is the main problem we will be working on over the coming months.

A list of the students who graduated in 2014 or before and where they are now, as well as a list of those who graduated in 2015, their exam averages, and where they could go is available upon request.  We are in the process of seeking solutions for them and will report on our progress.

Marguerite Chiarenza

April 2016


African Feast

Please join us for an African Feast on June 22, 2016 at Jambo Grill!

KFACE African Feast 2016