What does KFACE stand for?

KFACE stands for Kenya Foundation to Aid Children through Education.

When was KFACE established?

The Kenya Foundation to Aid Children through Education (KFACE) was established in 2010 under the Society Act of British Columbia and granted charitable status by Revenue Canada under #83911 5201 RR001.

What does KFACE do?

KFACE, through the donations of its sponsors, pays the necessary fees for extremely poor and often orphaned girls to complete their high school education in the protected and encouraging environment of a girls’ boarding school.


Where is KFACE’s work based?

Our work is focused on the district of Homa Bay, one of the poorest areas in Kenya and one of the worst hit by the HIV/AIDS tragedy.


Does KFACE ever support boys?

Yes, especially if they are orphaned heads of family. We also consider different special situations. For instance, at the moment we are supporting a young woman who is deaf and mute. She is in a special program to teach her to sign and to sew. However, our main focus is on girls in high school.


How does KFACE find the children?

Our contacts in Kenya, religious and secular social workers and teachers, refer girls who have no way of paying for further education to us. We may also visit particularly poor schools and accept recommendations from their principals and teachers. We always verify the conditions of poverty of the girls by sending a Kenyan agent to the homes.

How are the children selected?

Our primary criterion for selection is need. We sponsor only students who cannot manage to continue their education without our help. We also consider motivation and academic potential. The more successful the students are the better they may later serve as role models and leaders in their communities.

How can I help?

The most life changing way to help is to sponsor a girl. To pay a girl’s fees costs $700 a year. A sponsor may also wish to pay for the girl’s personal needs while she is in boarding school. However, all donations, of any size, are welcome and needed.

Will a sponsor have contact with the student?

Sponsors will have as much (or as little) contact with the student as they wish. We will supply photographs, biographical information, and progress reports. Sponsors may also send and receive letters.

Is there a way to support a specific student without taking on a full sponsorship?

A very good way is to sponsor as a group (e.g. a book club, a high school class, a church). We also welcome donations of any amount.

How should I donate?

To sponsor a student or to make a monetary donation of any amount, using PayPal, please click over to our donate page.

If you prefer to donate by cheque or money order, you can make it out to KFACE and mail it to:

3642 West 11th Avenue
Vancouver B.C.
V6R 2K5

Can I volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at info@kface.org.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

You can email any questions you have to info@kface.org.